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Our kitchen is 95% done. Just small details and fixes left, but nothing too noticeable. I’ve got a bunch of photos to share, but for now I wanted to post a few overall before and after shots. We’ve come a  long way with this house. It was in dire need of updating and modernizing when we got our hands on it. I love the way it turned out. We went back and forth about how to maximize the layout with the small footprint (our house is just 1700+ square feet which isn’t tiny but small by some standards). I was dead set on having a raw edge bar (check) and a breakfast nook with the upholstered banquette that we had purchased on Craigslist a few years back (check). I was also dead set on a walk in pantry (no dice) but we were able to build so much floor to ceiling storage that I think I love it even more. It’s very functional and accessible. The cabinets are a deep blue and I love them. They are definitely not for everyone, but I think Jonathan Adler might appreciate the look:)So, onto a few peeks. I’ll have more to share next week (including sources)!



One of my favorite things to do when I am not remodeling our house is to dream about flipping a house and browse the MLS for houses that have potential. I often find homes that have great bones but need a lot of work, favorite them, and then see them pop up again months later all redone thanks to a flipper. Often times you can see in a listing the original photos (under the original sold details) as well as the remodeled photos, which (for me) is a lot of fun to browse and compare. This morning I was browsing the MLS listings in my favorite areas and came across this house (currently for sale) which caught me with the first photo (stunning)! And the price at 610k for that high quality level of remodel and over 2k square feet seems pretty reasonable (not that I could afford it, but I wish!)


8803 North Path Austin, Texas 78759

If I were a buyer and had no interest in remodeling a house, this house would definitely catch my attention. It’s so well done (at least from the photos – I haven’t seen it in person). I’m not being paid to write this post FYI and I have no affiliation – I just thought it was an interesting topic for anyone that loves before and afters.

So, I went and found the MLS listing for the original house pre-remodel and it is a pretty remarkable change! Love the light floors and the carrera marble, and the moldings on the ceilings!  I went into the MLS and found a few other houses that this company has done – they all look pretty amazing. I think I want to be them when I grow up. Ok really, I just want to flip a house – but not one of those flippers who uses the cheapest materials just to make a quick buck. I would flip a house the way I would want a house done to make it something I would want to live in myself. So if anyone reading this wants to do the same and has the money but maybe not the time or know how, hit us up;)




As of this posting, our remodel is about 95% complete! Only almost 2 years after buying the house and 10 months after starting the actual remodel:)If we’ve learned anything with remodeling 2 home now – it’s that things take about 10x longer than you think! Oh, and that the building trade is the only trade that can get away with not showing up, being consistently late and unreliable and still get business.

The kitchen is nearly done – just punch out now. These pics are a bit older but I wanted to show in progress since I am so behind with the blog:)We have a wall of walnut cabinets on the back wall with the fridge “built in” and the uppers are also walnut. The lowers and left wall are all paint grade.


Also, here is a sneak peek of what we did on the peninsula. We picked up this raw edge wood from a guy on Craigslist probably 4 years ago. We never could find a spot to use it at the last house, but we were determined to make it happen with this house. I LOVE it. Finished pics coming soon.




I haven’t posted in so long because I sort of washed my hands of the remodel for a couple months – after major hiccups with the kitchen and custom cabinets including a ‘cabinet maker’ who basically didn’t really know what he was doing and delivered a few very poorly built and warped cabinets, our contractor finally found a new cabinet maker, who has been great. However, it has been 2 months since he started the rebuild of the cabinets that had been built (he pretty much had to take them apart and put them back together) and we had some issues with communication between our contractor and the cabinet maker (not the fault of the cabinet maker). But finally, the remainder of the cabinets have been delivered and installed. It has been 5 months now without a kitchen, and with a 3 1/2 year old and a 5 month old who has started eating baby food, it has been a huge challenge. When we started this phase of the remodel back on December 27th, we were told it would be done by the end of January. Hence my frustration and exasperation. So,  I’m so excited for the light at the end of the tunnel!

All of our appliances are in the little space between the living room and kitchen, which is not awesome. But, we ran out of room in the garage since it is full of boxes!:





All of these cabinets are currently birch ply and will be painted. The uppers and the whole bank of tall cabinets running the span of the back wall will be walnut. We would have liked to do all walnut, but budget didn’t allow it and I am sort of digging the two tone look.

More to come soon, I promise, as since I drafted this post counters have been installed and cabinets have been painted!