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results of this weekend

We had a productive weekend at the house. On Saturday morning my uncle from Houston came up to have a look at our kitchen plans. He decided that he will be able to build our kitchen for us within our budget, yay! He is going to start in early to mid October, so fingers crossed that we will have at least a partially completed kitchen by November! We have plans to do walnut fronts on the lowers and possibly the uppers. If we run into budget issues we may do paint grade white cabinets on top.

Also this weekend we repainted our master bedroom. It’s such a large cavernous room, and we have never really felt right with the light gray almost white that we had originally painted over the previous owners red paint. We decided that we needed a more saturated, deeper gray to really make the space feel more intimate. So, after lots of perusing gray paint options (it’s really hard to find the right shade of gray!) and painting about 4 swatches on the wall, we found our perfect gray. Painting the large room took half of Saturday and half of Sunday, but we’re really, really happy with the results. The room feels SO much more like home. It just feels right, or at least on the way to being right. We also hung the dupioni silk drapes that I got on sale at West Elm a couple of months ago. Wow, I don’t think I ever realized what a difference curtains can make! We were finally able to remove the ghetto style cardboard we’ve had up since we moved in that we’ve had blocking the view from our neighbors house straight into our bedroom. The room still isn’t nearly complete, and it won’t be until we finally finish the remodel of the upstairs and move our furniture back in up there, but it’s on the way…Here are some pics.



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